Modern-day MPRF is a multi-mission family of systems focused on providing maritime domain awareness and decisive maritime power. Deployed in every major theater of operations, the MPRF community excels in the arenas of antisubmarine warfare (ASW), surface warfare (SUW), and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

ASEC supports the MPRF community with a full-spectrum of engineering, flight testing, and training services. In collaboration with the U.S. Navy, we develop technology, tactics, and training strategies for the next generation of weapon systems. Our employees are integrated throughout every major MPRF program, from the respective program offices to the flight lines. Our collective experience provides ASEC with a comprehensive understanding of weapon system integration including acquisition, training, maintenance, logistics, and tactical employment. ASEC trains the U.S. Navy developmental testers, operational testers, fleet replacement squadron (FRS) instructors, and fleet aircrew and maintainers across a variety of type-model series and integrated systems.

ASEC’s team of experts includes:

  • Fully qualified P-8A instructors at every crew position (including Pilot)
  • Fully qualified MQ-4A BAMS-D operators at every crew position (including AVO)
  • C4 for ASW fleet introduction team (FIT)
  • Multi-static active coherent (MAC) FIT
  • Weapons and tactics instructors (WTI) at every crew position

  • P-8A maintenance instructors with FAA certifications
  • P-3C maintenance instructors
  • Aviation ordnanceman (AO) instructors
  • Aircraft survivability equipment (ASE) subject-matter experts