Industrial Security

Industrial Security

Contractor Program Security Officer (CPSO)

ASEC CPSOs are multidisciplinary security professionals in direct support of Department of Defense (DoD) Special Access Programs.  They support high-profile, fast-paced DoD programs; create, maintain, and leverage working relationships with internal and external customers worldwide.  They develop and manage physical, personal, and administrative security programs and procedures for classified material, documents, and equipment. Our CPSOs implement federal security regulations for corporate operations, support Security Education and Training Awareness (SETA) for corporate, government, and military personnel, and investigate security incidents, prepare reports for culpability, and recommend preventive actions to avoid future incidents.


Facility Security Officer (FSO)

Our ASEC FSOs are DoD qualified professionals responsible for the overall functionality, maintenance, safety, and security of multiple collaterally classified facilities nationwide.  ASEC FSOs hold the trust of the government and span unclassified and classified environments ensuring not only that personnel clearances and investigations are maintained, but facility-specific standard operating procedures (SOP) are developed, followed, and updated to reflect the ever-changing threat environment, safeguarding our nation’s classified information.  They develop, implement, and train corporate and government personnel in safeguarding classified material, Insider Threat, Personal Privacy, Operations Security, Classified Visits, and other aspects critical to the National Industrial Security Program.


Security Administrators (SAs)

ASEC SAs are security professionals who provide support to FSOs, CPSOs, or directly to Government SAP Security Officers (GSSOs).  They assist in administering security programs and procedures for classified, SAP, and proprietary materials, documents, and equipment.  Our SAs implement federal and DoD security regulations that apply to corporate and government operations and assist in SETA classes and related briefings.  SAs are expected to gain experience and certifications to become FSOs and CPSOs to better support our company, our customers, and their own professional development.