Technical Publications

On the cutting edge of technology, ASEC delivered on all aspects of development for the P-8A (Poseidon) Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) in support of PMA-290. Utilizing S1000D 4.1 innovations such as Common Information Repositories (CIRs) and Applicability tagging, the ASEC team has made the P-8A IETM the most versatile organic NAVAIR Class IV IETM of its kind. ASEC continues to lead the industry throughout IETM sustainment by providing Electronic Rapid Action Change (ERAC) capability, Scheduled Maintenance Inspection (SMI) – Periodic Maintenance Inspection Cards (PMIC), dynamic publishing, and automated processes that result in substantial data reutilization rates to support multiple customers needs from a single CSDB. With over 30,000 individual Data Modules (DMs) and 40,000 graphics for each project, the P-8A CSDB is one of the largest and most complex in the industry. The ability to consistently produce sanitized Cooperative Partner and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) IETMs out of the same CSDB as US Navy is just one example of how ASEC is at the forefront of tech manuals.


Fleet Integration Training

The P-8A is one of the most advanced aircraft in the Navy’s inventory, aircraft systems software and capabilities are continuously being updated to the most recent technologies. These advancements require just-in-time training in order to maintain fleet readiness. ASEC’s Logistics team is comprised of the industry’s most experienced aircraft maintenance technicians and administrative personnel. We support the NAVAIR P-8A Program office in the development of training courseware and provide follow-on instruction to squadron personnel as aircraft are updated. This FIT strategy fills the training gap and improves fleet readiness until organic training curriculums are updated and trained at the P-8A Navy Training Center.


Training Systems Support

Our vast experience in aviation maintenance spans over ten different USN/USMC aircraft platforms both manned and unmanned. ASEC analysts’ support of NAVAIR Training Systems was essential in the development of the P-8A Maintenance Training System (MTS). Through the analysis of reliability data, we provided input into the development of the Task analysis, Media analysis, and Fidelity analysis for the P-8A MTS. The result of these efforts drove the requirement for all classroom courseware, hardware, and virtual training devices. Along with the analysis, NAVAIR relied heavily upon ASEC aircraft SMEs to review courseware being developed by the OEM to ensure it meet all CNATT requirements and technical accuracy. With over 500 years of military aviation service, our experts provide solutions for the most difficult technical issues.