Our experts design training courseware and provide follow-on classroom, simulator, and aircraft-based instruction to squadron personnel as aircraft are updated.

ASEC supports the most advanced manned and unmanned aircraft in the Navy’s inventory. Our experts design training solutions and provide dynamic and innovative classroom, simulator, and aircraft-based products and instruction tailored to customer needs.

Innovative Solutions – Optimizing Team, Technology, and Scale

ASEC’s aviation experts leverage a unique combination of decades of experience, thousands of flight hours, and current tactical knowledge ensuring the requisite knowledge to understand customers’ needs in respoinding to current operations and anticipating future requirements. Our instructors are current on the platform and have served as leaders, instructors, and tacticians in the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance community.

Our engineers participate in the development of the next generation of advanced weapon systems and our instructors are entrusted with training the U.S. Navy’s test and evaluation aircrew, advanced-level instructors, and Fleet operators.

Curriculum Design and Implementation

ASEC’s experienced and professional team of subject matter experts (SME) and instructional systems designers (ISD) perform front-end and performance analyses using project management and systems engineering best practices. We collaborate with customers and stakeholders to identify requirements and tailor training needs with the goal of improving operational performance, efficiency, and knowledge retention suited to our customers’ culture, processes, and available resources.

The resulting curricula are engaging, rigorous, current, relevant, and progressive to allow for well-prepared aircrew and aviation communities to grow and develop to meet emerging needs

U.S Navy Aircrew and Support Personnel

In collaboration with Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) instructors, we design, implement, and update full blended-learning curricula to support initial and re-qualification for both P-8A and MQ4C aircrew.

Working with the Maritime Patrol Weapons School (MPRWS), Patrol Wing Weapons and Tactics Units, Fleet instructors, and aircrew, we drive the development and enhancement of the post-FRS P-8A, MQ-4C, and TacMobile positional and advanced training curricula.

Fleet Integration and Interim Training

ASEC’s support of the Navy’s aircraft inventory is at the forefront of change as aircraft systems, software, and capabilities undergo continuous upgrades. ASEC’s involvement from the test and evaluation phase through the forward deployment of capabilities provides unmatched insight into efficient and innovative approaches to training.

The rapid pace of advancements and evolving threats require just-in-time training to ensure Warfighters are fully prepared. Our experts design training solutions and provide follow-on classroom, simulator, and aircraft-based instruction to squadron aircrew and support personnel worldwide. As capabilities change, we are committed to training devices and scenarios that facilitate constructive learning for students and instructors alike in realistic and immersive training environments. This responsive, mobile strategy provides initial Fleet readiness for the U.S. and our Allies until organic training curricula are updated.

TacMobile Training

Working with MPRWS, Tactical Operations Center Squadron (TOCRON) 10, and TOCRON-11, ASEC provides operational training and evaluation to enhance P-8A mission support readiness, mission planning standardization, and information data dissemination. We provide advisement to Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Group (CPRG), MPRWS, and TOCs worldwide on training requirements and program development, with personalized training curriculum and products to match those needs.

Training Delivered in the Right Environment

Our expertise permits adaptive and flexible training solutions to meet planned and emergent customer requirements.
We provide live instructor-led training in classroom settings, including all aspects of classroom management, scheduling, evaluation tools, and interactive technology used for learning. As part of a training continuum or in stand-alone efforts, our SMEs also excel in transitioning to aircraft or simulator instruction as required.
Where applicable our qualified aircrew provide active, real-world support for operations both domestically and at overseas locations.

Digital, Virtual, and Systems-Based Training

Our team’s broad experience in the design and management of interactive computer-based, instructor-led on-site, and remotely delivered training programs, and advanced emulation and simulator-based scenarios provide adaptive and scalable approaches to training.
Our expertise includes the planning, design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and modification of worldwide and deployable training solutions to deliver the next generation of Fleet Training. 
We support the integration of multiple capabilities to include Next Generation Threat Systems (NGTS) into Advanced Programs, which will complement and enhance the Warfighter’s experience and carry Naval Aviation into the next generation of Live, Virtual, and Constructive training.

Instructional Systems Design (ISD)

Our expert team of ISD professionals is key to customer engagement. Instructional Systems Design is integrated into each of our training solutions to create “instructional experiences” to facilitate more efficient, effective, and appealing skills acquisition. This process focuses on determining the state and needs of the learner, defining the end goal of instruction, and adopting the proper methodology to deliver instruction.
We strive to meet each customer’s unique needs rather than impose a one-size-fits-all approach. We pride ourselves on our expertise and innovation in instructional methodologies, interactive courseware-building tools, and learning and content management systems.

International Partners

ASEC fully planned, developed, and executed the P-8A transition training program and instructor qualification for the Republic of Korea. This milestone represented the inaugural completion of P-8A training without reliance on a crew simulator. Instead, all mission systems training was conducted directly onboard the aircraft, deviating from the customary practice of conducting 70% of such training in simulators. ASEC’s unmatched expertise and familiarity with training methods over the full life of the platform permitted maximum flexibility and ensured effective instruction in a unique training environment

Building on our successful design and implementation of the U.S. Navy MQ-4C Triton early operational capability and steady state curricula, ASEC SMEs built all curriculum and training materials for the Royal Australian Air Force MQ-4C program.

ASEC SMEs are also the Government’s choice for training systems installation and software update training for our P-8A FMS partners, including the United Kingdom Royal Air Force (UK RAF), Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF), and Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF).
ASEC FMS TacMobile team provides support to FMS TacMobile units for UK RAF, RNoAF, RNZAF, German Navy, and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). Areas of purview range from Operations Center facilities engineering recommendations, mission operations, procedures guidance, training programs, readiness oversight, and operational testing.
Our team consists of credible experts with 75+ years of combined experience in P-8A TacMobile mission operations. For example, this has enabled our team of instructors and evaluators to expertly guide the UK RAF to their P-8A full operational capability (FOC) certification milestone.


“I have never once doubted their ability to lead the Korean teams to success. I can tell you that our customer has 100% percent faith and trust in ASEC.”
“The ASEC Instructors have accepted each change I have asked of them without complaint, not always because it’s the “right” or even “fair” path but because they are 100% percent committed to the success of this program and to provide effective training.”

B Boothe
FMS Case Manager, South Korea
PMA-290F International Program Office