Fleet Integration and Interim Training

ASEC supports the most advanced manned and unmanned aircraft in the Navy’s inventory and is at the forefront of change as aircraft systems, software, and capabilities undergo continuous upgrades. Our engineers participate in the development of the next generation of advanced weapon systems and our instructors are entrusted with training the U.S. Navy’s test and evaluation aircrew, instructors, and Fleet operators. ASEC’s involvement from the test and evaluation phase through forward-deployment of capabilities provides unique insight into efficient and innovative approaches to training. The rapid pace of advancements requires just-in-time training to ensure warfighters are fully prepared. Our experts design training courseware and provide follow-on classroom, simulator, and aircraft-based instruction to squadron personnel as aircraft are updated. This strategy ensures initial Fleet readiness until organic training curricula are updated.


Curriculum Design and Implementation

ASEC’s experienced and professional team of subject matter experts (SME) and instructional systems designers (ISD) perform detailed front-end and performance analyses using project management and systems engineering best practices. The resulting curriculum design and development are further tailored to both operational requirements and customers’ preferences and needs. ASEC’s track record of successful curricula spans the spectrum from the limited operator and system-specific training to the full platform and multi-level qualification syllabi. Our team’s broad experience in design and management of interactive computer-based, instructor-led training programs, and advanced simulator-based scenario design and instruction provide an adaptive and scalable approach to training.


Innovative Solutions

ASEC SME’s unique combination of decades of experience, thousands of flight hours, and current technical and tactical knowledge ensure that our professionals have the requisite knowledge to understand customers’ needs and the exposure to current operations to be responsive to changes and anticipate future requirements. We also pride ourselves on our expertise and innovation in instructional methodologies, interactive courseware-building tools, learning and content management systems, and SCORM compliance. Our history, our mission, and our commitment are service to the warfighter. ASEC SMEs are committed to true partnerships with our customers and dedicated to working collaboratively to tailor the training solution to their culture, processes, and available resources.


Aviation Training

Our ASEC support is designed to meet the goals and objectives of Naval Aviation Training, Advanced Programs for specific Systems, and Distributed Mission Training (DMT).  Integral is the ability to provide the full range of Multi-Level Security (MLS) support while integrating new training systems and infrastructure to deliver the next generation of Fleet Training.  We support the Engineering efforts for the integration of multiple capabilities to include Next Generation Threat Systems (NGTS) into Advanced Programs, which will complement and enhance the Warfighter’s experience and carry aviation into the next generation of Live, Virtual and Constructive training.