Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

ASEC provides engineering and technical support for the design, development, integration, maintenance, and exploitation of systems and sensors for applications in support of manned and unmanned aircraft programs. ASEC engineers help create products and systems that most effectively solve our customer’s and end-user’s hardest challenges.


Whether it is delivering aircraft equipped with the latest technologies to the military, or supporting the introduction and training on the use of drones to local agencies, ASEC provides the work environment that allows its engineers at all levels to grow and thrive.


Providing Systems Engineering to enhance the Warfighter’s lethality and survivability.  ASEC brings top-notch Systems Engineers and analysts to connect the latest technology to military acquisition programs.  Our technical expertise in military aircraft enables our personnel to prepare operational concept plans, manage program-wide acquisition roadmaps, and integrate complex mission systems into the platform.


Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Community

Leveraging our years of technical support to the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force, our SMEs and engineers apply our in-depth knowledge and intricate understanding of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW), and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operation, to P-8A Poseidon, MQ-4 Triton, and P-3C Orion airborne and ground systems.


Strike Fighter Community

Team ASEC provides the Fighter community with Systems Engineering and Data Analysis in support of Advanced, Next Generation Tactical Aircrew Training.  Our Team operates across multiple geographical locations nationwide in support of the F/A-18, F-35, E-2D and F-22 platforms.  Our support is designed to meet the goals and objectives of Naval Aviation Training, Advanced Programs for specific Training Systems and Distributed Mission Training (DMT).  Integral is the ability to provide the full range of Multi-Level Security (MLS) support while integrating new training systems and infrastructure to deliver the next generation of Fleet Training.  We support the Engineering efforts for the integration of Next Generation Threat Systems (NGTS) into Advanced Programs, which will complement and enhance the Warfighter’s experience and carry aviation into the next generation of Live, Virtual and Constructive training.