Employee Spotlight: Jordan Sater, ASEC Program Manager

ASEC Program Manager

When asked about her role as an ASEC Program Manager, Jordan Sater is clear about what motivates her.

“I like the results to speak for themselves” she continued, “That’s one of the things I truly love about the position I’m in now”. 

This month, as part of ASEC’s Employee Spotlight, we sat down to talk with Jordan about a  career that began in the legal system and how that experience led to her to ASEC where she has found a new sense of fulfillment and purpose working with the ATLAS team under PMA-205 at NAVAIR.

In her interview, Jordan shares more about how she views the working experience at ASEC, as well as the kinds of people who’d find the company as a good fit. For more on our conversation with Jordan, read on!

What is your role at ASEC?

I am Program Manager for ASEC. I work directly for the Government Customer in PMA-205, which is NAVAIR, training systems and training ranges. 

I work directly with my government and military leads for a team called ATLAS team. 

We are in charge of overarching strategic planning for PMA-205. 

We are focused on getting the Warfighter trained and ready for the high-end fight.

Had you followed that line of work previously in your career? 

My career path has been outside of the defense world up until almost 10 years ago, I originally worked in the court system. 

When I left the court system I started working in defense contracting. Originally, I was hired in Configuration Management and Data Management roles. 

When we moved to Maryland, I got another job in the PMA-205 doing Configuration Management/Data Management again. 

I was then picked up by ASEC and was in an Analyst position where I worked for Strategic Planning.

That team was then merged and that created the ATLAS team. It was never really my intention to be where I am, as it is a brand new team and a brand new position. 

This makes it really exciting and we’re able to make it our own. There are no preconceived notions of what this team is supposed to do. 

We have the freedom to find things and gaps and let our team be focused on closing those gaps and making overall strategic decisions. It’s a pretty cool gig!

It sounds like you get a good deal of independence at ASEC. Did you have a sense that the role had that quality? Did that appeal to you?

When I came to ASEC, the role I started in was an Analyst position that really did not require a lot of oversight. It was a lot of independent work. I appreciate that. 

I like to be able to work with my Government Customer and give them the support that they need without constraint. 

That was what was initially appealing with the Analyst position that morphed into this Program Manager position I’m in now. I do not need to be micromanaged. I like to be reactive and proactive and help my Government Customer without being concerned about daily, hourly reporting to a manager. 

I like the results to speak for themselves. That’s one of the things I truly love about the position I’m in now. They’ve been 100% supportive of that.

How would you describe the work environment at ASEC?

I have found ASEC to be extremely supportive, especially when I have any concerns. 

They’re quick to address concerns, quick to make me feel like my opinion matters. 

I’ve never felt dismissed. I’ve never felt like they were too busy to answer a question. I never felt like my problems were too small for them. 

There’s very much an open door policy. What I really like is that, yes, all of these things are wonderful and I feel supported, but they allow me the freedom to work independently and support my Customer without micromanaging. 

What motivates you about the kind of work ASEC is involved with? 

I was a Navy wife and certainly consider myself a patriot. The idea of supporting the Warfighter is definitely motivating. 

When I left my first career in the legal world, I wanted something that was fulfilling and something that I felt like I was making a difference. 

Moving into this position that ASEC has offered, I definitely feel like what I’m doing is important. 

We can have all the capability in the world, but if we don’t have Warfighters that are trained to use it, we might as well not have it. 

This is an opportunity for me to, as a Navy wife 30+ years ago, I can now support those Warfighters and know that when we’re sending people to take care of our country, we are equipping them with what they need to be successful. 

What are your aspirations in the near future, and how do you see ASEC playing a role in that growth?

I’m fairly new to this position. I have a few years to settle into this and make sure that I am proficient. I want to be an asset to my Customer and to ASEC. I want to continue to do what I’m doing and to be able to take on more of a leadership role within my team. 

For someone in a similar point in their career, why would you recommend coming to work for ASEC?

Working for ASEC, you are always going to have opportunities. You have supportive leadership who are going to listen to you and if you are looking for additional opportunities to do different work, they’ll always be there to support you and help you grow in your career. 

That’s something I’ve found. They’ve been supportive of acknowledging the work I’ve done. It’s not gone unnoticed that I’ve gone above and beyond and I was rewarded for that. 

They’re a wonderful company to work for. If you are looking for a career where you feel like what you are doing is important, working in this field is gratifying. 

As much as it is about the importance of the mission, it’s also about the little things. They give us lunch on the first day of every month. 

Those little things add up and make what can be a stressful and serious job a little easier to handle. A little levity in your day is never a bad thing. 

It is a company that cares about its employees, tries their very best to provide benefits, and some fun along with that support.

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