JEA and ASEC Announce Strategic Alliance

COLUMBIA, Maryland – James Engineering Associates (JEA) and Aviation Systems Engineering Company, Inc. (ASEC) are pleased to announce their Strategic Alliance, bringing together two established and recognized leaders in their respective fields to offer drone enabled building inspections and public safety support. Their combined skills, expertise, and technology will decrease building maintenance management issues, reduce personnel risk, save time, lower costs, and provide innovative solutions for their clients.

Drone sensors can provide access to building facades that conventionally are difficult to access in order to obtain visual observations, providing a more comprehensive exterior assessment. Live streaming data from the drone can be remotely viewed by a structural expert who will be able to communicate with the on scene drone pilot to coordinate visual access to key areas of concern. “Think of drones as a truck that carries a sensor to gather amazing data. We’ll take that data and deliver it in a format that is useful, understandable, and accessible by the customer,” said Vincent Bellezza, President and CEO of ASEC.

JEA has years of experience performing very comprehensive building inspections and is in constant pursuit of being more efficient and effective to better serve the client. “Our traditional methods of inspecting buildings will be enhanced by drone technology. Our team still needs to descend 20 stories down the side of our high rise building projects, but with the data collected from drones it will be less frequently on each building,” stated Jeff James, Principal at JEA.

Each company has a long tradition of safety and compliancy. Bellezza stated, “It’s not in our business model to violate privacy, and my drone pilots are empowered to stop flight operations when its unsafe or against the rules.”

“I’m excited about our new partnership, and where we are headed not only with building inspections, but also how it will support public safety,” said James. “I’m called to some very nasty problems, ranging from collapsed structures to industrial incidents. Having ASEC as a partner will enhance the response effort for our team and hopefully better protect response personnel and the general public.”

About JEA. JEA conducts exterior building inspections, condition assessments, root-cause failure analysis, and supports incident response activities for building damage, component failure, and deterioration issues. They are highly experienced and credentialed professional engineers with Pro-board certifications, safety and confined space operations training, and engineering forensics capability. JEA’s team works with numerous local, state and federal organizations and private companies.

About ASEC. ASEC has over 250,000 manned and unmanned flight hours, flying over 100 various aircraft. ASEC commercial drone operations operate under 14 CFR Part 107 authority, using its broad spectrum of certificated pilots, ranging from Part 61 pilots to Remote Pilots. ASEC leverages its collective technical and operational experience to provide comprehensive drone program support, ranging from field operations, flight test, regulatory support, and training.