ASEC supports Department of Defense (DoD) Combat Systems with highly qualified Information Technology (IT) and Information Assurance (IA) professionals, responsible for maintaining significant aspects of the U.S. Government’s digital infrastructure and troubleshooting technically advanced systems for various organizations and consumers. Our IT workforce is expected to keep up with cutting-edge technological advancements and robust security procedures. Collaboration with program and project specialists is critical to analyze, diagnose, and correct system issues, monitor processing functions, and perform invasive and non-invasive testing on development and deployed systems when necessary.


System Administrators

ASEC IT security specialists build and maintain digital protective measures on intellectual property and data controlled by the DoD. They create and implement contingency plans and protect against the information being compromised from all threat vectors. Our professionals create strategies to troubleshoot problems as they arise and forecast solutions for zero-day and future vulnerabilities.


Network Administrators

ASEC Network Administrators work on the day-to-day maintenance of multiple DoD networks, utilizing their skills to maintain 100% system availability for which any downtime can have drastic impacts on our warfighting efforts and national defense.


Network Engineers

ASEC Network Engineers assess requirements, resources, and technology to develop, test, and implement multiple types of DoD networks; operational, administrative, training, etc., utilizing their skills to ensure networks are available and efficient.